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I have an outdated website, can it be revamped?

NO, if the site was not originally designed by us. We are very strict with regard to copyright and intellectual property legislation so we cannot make changes to a site created by another supplier. At the same time, since technology is constantly evolving, if a site is outdated it has to be necessarily redesigned from scratch in terms of image and communication as well as information technology. In the event that the site in your possession was designed by us and is equipped with outdated technology, it is certainly possible to update it both in terms of image and applications.

I am trying to sell online with my e-commerce but the site is not visible on the first pages of the search engines. What can I do?

Investing in the creation of an e-commerce site and then not investing in its promotion and search engine optimisation can turn out to be a poor investment. The SEO service can provide secure and lasting results by getting your site ‘up’ in the first pages of search engines if a long-term investment is planned.

I have a small business and I would like a simple and cost-effective site. Do you have any solutions suitable for me?

YES, we have different types of websites and web portals. From the most simple and most affordable to the most complex. We can cater for all customers, from the small craftsman to the professional to the large company. Every project is customised and taken care of in every detail.

Is the domain included in the purchase price of the website?

No, it is essential that the domain is registered under the customer’s name. We assist you in the most suitable choice of domain and in the entire purchase procedure. Once it has been purchased and registered, we will proceed with the activation.

I need a logo. What happens if I don't like your solution?

Our protocol includes a detailed pre-project analysis in order to offer you the right solution for your business target. At the same time we provide the QUALITY GUARANTEE that the work will be delivered only if the client is fully satisfied.. (unlimited modifications until delivery)

We have a site created by another supplier but he is no longer available, he doesn't answer the phone or emails. By creating the new site with you, do you guarantee us assistance and updates?

YES, we provide free technical support for our sites for the first year. From the second year onwards, with small monthly subscriptions customised according to your site, you will have all the guarantee and security necessary for the correct running and updating of the platform.
In addition, our staff is structured in-house and will always be at your disposal from Monday to Friday.

I need a brochure for my company. Do you write the text?

YES, we can guarantee the drafting of professional texts thanks to our highly specialised staff.

I would like to manage my company's social networks by myself, but I do not have a coordinated image suitable for my business. Can you help me?

YES, the ‘Social media design‘ service is a package created ad hoc to make you self-sufficient in social media content management while maintaining a high level of coordinated image with respect to your brand and the products/services/content to be published.

Once the website is published, is there technical support to ensure that it works properly?

YES, our sites always feature free technical support for the first year. From the second year onwards, with a monthly subscription tailored to the characteristics of your site, you will have all the guarantee and security necessary for the proper running and updating of the platform.

I have just created a new product but I have no label or packaging. Can you take care of this?

YES, definitely. Our art director will personally take care of the design of your image. Specifically, we design, tailor-made, both the labels and the entire packaging of your product in order to create the image that best suits your target audience and reflects your tastes. Furthermore, we always offer a QUALITY GUARANTEE that the work is only delivered if the customer is fully satisfied. (unlimited changes until delivery).

We have a large company and we would like to develop a digital platform with reserved areas for employees and customers. Can you help us?

YES. Thanks to our engineers, we are able to meet every IT/digital need and create customised platforms. The technological work is always supported by our art director to ensure an integrated communication design with the platform.

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